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Civilization IV 1.74 for Mac Free download

Sid Meier's Railroads! Problem is that I have no Idea where to download it. I tried direct 2 drive, but they have only windows versions and steam also works only on windows. Somian , Nov 8, Dec 17, Messages: Moderator Action: Jan 9, Messages: Male Location: Bad news, I'm afraid, there isn't one. The only way to buy Civ4 for Mac is to buy the boxed products. Alternatively, you could run your existing PC version if you have, or can install, Windows on your Mac.

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If it is a download version it will probably run in a virtual machine, but I have no experience of that option. There are also reports that it will run in Crossover. If that's true, then you don't need Windows at all, but I haven't been able to get it to work.

Civilization 4 Mac

AlanH , Nov 8, It actually is running on my cbootcamp XP but CIV IV is this kinda game where you just want to make one turn that you got emailed by someone and it's annoying to have to boot windows every time to do this since I usually use mac os X. Also, in windows i can't right-click with the mac touchpad, si i always have to do shift-clicks to issue orders and the battery life is also poor like the half of the battery life in mac os X Problem with the mac boxed versions isnt just the price. Somian , Nov 9, You didn't say why Parallels or VMWare is not an option.

AlanH , Nov 9, I also cant launch civ IV savegames directly from mail.

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  4. Ill always have to move them to the windows desktop etc. Somian , Nov 10, I can guarantee Parallels is cheaper than a download of Civ4 Complete for Mac would be.

    ‎Civilization IV on the Mac App Store

    But if you've decided it's too expensive then the rest is irrelevant, I guess. I only give XP 1 GByte, and the virtual disk only takes up the space it needs. AlanH , Nov 10, I mean, are there any graphics errors or something? Somian , Nov 11, Graphics seem OK, but overall performance is probably not up to the level it would be in Bootcamp.

    However, I don't play Civ4 in anger, I only use it to provide support for the GOTM competitions and to assist Mac players with mods and such, so you probably need to hear from someone who has played a real game in Parallels. AlanH , Nov 11, Apr 29, Messages: