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Nov 24, 4: In High Sierra Multi-page PDF for years have attached as icons, but this feature has been removed. Recently, Apple appears to be removing long-standing, practical features from operating system applications, or entire commands e.

How to show email attachments as icons in the Mail app on Mac

Typically, when something is removed, it is not coming back. Page content loaded.

Displaying attachments as icons the temporary way

Nov 13, 9: Nov 15, 4: Although I can't tell what is the difference causing this. Nov 16, Use case: When I have multiple attachments of similar version of the PDF, you can't see the names of the different versions, and since it renders the same page, they all look the same. Seems like a bad UX decision to take that feature out. Now I have to take the extra step to zip them and make people paranoid about zip files. I'm one of them. Nov 23, 7: Has this problem been sorted? I am sending several PDF's and I want them as icons inside the email, not image inlines. Has anyone worked out how to do this?

The "View as Icon" tab has been removed. The reply above does not make sense to me: I have High Siera This is for those with Mac Mail, and it actually does restore the "view as icon" option for single page pdfs:. While single-page PDF has it.

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Thanks a lot! Dec 1, 2: In essence, what I am understanding is, those of us who use multiple page pdf documents must now essentially zip a folder before we send the file? So my question is - without sounding cheeky - why are functions which are commonsensical being removed?

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Hate to sound like I'm complaining, even though I kinda sorta am, yet it seems contrary to days gone past of Apples simplicity. Hate to say this, but while the switch back to android would be extremely hard for me as I have been reformed, it seems Apple is going by way of Android in some operations. Common sense begs to ask, WHY???

How To… Change The Way PDFs Are Shown In Apple Mail

Just curious and not meaning to stir the pot or offend anyone. Please, no shooting the inquisitor. Dec 1, 4: Just a workaround and not a quite good one. I agree Apple shall bring up this feature for multi-pages pdf, actually for all kinds of attachments. Communities Contact Support.

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  • Sign in. Applications including Terminal do not get "full disk access" e. Try to grant Terminal access in Unlock the system preference panel, by clicking the lock at the bottom left and filling in your password.

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    Then either drag and drop Terminal. Less elegant, usually not advised in case you forget to re-enable it again , a lot of booting in and out, but just as effective. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

    Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How can I disable inline attachment previews i.

    Handling Mail Attachments in Apple's Mail

    Ask Question. In High Sierra, the following terminal command was sufficient: How can I accomplish this in Mojave? You should clarify "does not work".

    How to Read PDF Documents in Mac OS Mail

    Does the command fail with some kind of error message or does the command succeed but Mail still shows inline attachments? Then launch Terminal and try your command again. Redarm Redarm 1, 2 7